Human Rocket


Water Monsters first full length video featuring Travis Belsito, Kyle Walton, Brandon Rau, Jon Shell, Keaton Bowlby, Dave Hanson, Marcus Knox, Austin Pastura, TJ Giesey, and Andrew Pastura.

Filmed By: Aaron Pastura and Tad Mathews
Edited By: Aaron Pastura and Andrew Pastura

Human Rocket Premiere

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Dive Bar  |   63 N Orange Ave   |   Orlando, FL

Human Rocker Teaser

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Human Rocket Teaser from Water Monsters on Vimeo.

Full length video coming soon

5 Panels


Water Monsters take on the classic 5 panel. click the photo to purchase

Summer Look Book

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Marcus Quick Six

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at the WSM


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Brau’s Ad

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kflop fb


throwback from last years contest

Thanks Beau


Beau Parker let us crash at his place while we were in that big ass state of Texas last summer. He came out one day and got a couple shots on the trusty 35mm.