“Vacation” A Filipino Wake Jock Saga

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Thanks to CWC wakepark, Republic, and Gov Lray Villafuerte.

Featuring: Travis Belsito, Austin Pastura, Tj Giesey, Andrew Pastura, Daniel Robins, Clement Depremonville, Nick Robinson, Jonathan Silvershatz , Nick Taylor

Film: Aaron Pastura, Andrew Pastura, Nick Taylor, Lukas Suess, Daniel Robins, Clement Depremonville, Nick Robinson
Directors: Austin Pastura, Aaron Pastura, Andrew Pastura

Human Rocket Premiere

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Dive Bar  |   63 N Orange Ave   |   Orlando, FL

Human Rocker Teaser

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Human Rocket Teaser from Water Monsters on Vimeo.

Full length video coming soon

5 Panels


Water Monsters take on the classic 5 panel. click the photo to purchase

Summer Look Book

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Marcus Quick Six

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at the WSM


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Brau’s Ad

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The King

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Drew probably hates the name but its true

Just Doo It

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Andrews trick tip with Nike and the Sea-Doo Wake